Trump’s first sentence in the debate last night was a lie, when he claimed more than two million Americans were “expected” to die form the Covid-19 virus, therefore America’s current death toll of 220,000 isn’t so bad. From that point on, Trump lied without pause during the 90 minute debate. He lied about the Russia investigation, climate change, Hunter Biden, the pandemic, and on and on. He also spouted ugly conspiracy theories.

Yet when the sitting President of the United States could not answer a single debate question truthfully, that wasn’t the big news from the forum last night. For CNN’s Jake Tapper, the major take-away was that Trump didn’t “set himself on fire,” like he did during the first debate, when he hectored and interrupted Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace nonstop. Indeed, Trump’s decision to tone down his manic behavior seemed to be the media’s focus point on the debate. His nonstop lying, much less so.

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