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Donald Trump stopped in Virginia to tell a room full of military veterans that the reason some returning soldiers kill themselves is because they “can’t handle it.” Surprisingly they allow him to keep talking and don’t kick him out on his ass where he belongs. Weird. It’s almost like his supporters don’t care what he says!

Joe Biden addresses Trump’s ignorant PTSD comments during a stop in Florida and can’t help becoming irate, saying Trump has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to veterans and couldn’t be more uninformed about PTSD.

Hillary Clinton is riding high as Trump just keeps making this too easy for her, this time pointing out the absurdity of anyone losing money in the casino business, which is arguably one of the easiest businesses to get rich off of.

And while right wing conspiracy nuts try to manufacture another scandal about Bill Clinton’s supposed black love child in an attempt to make us clutch our collective pearls, Bill continues to campaign for his wife and notes how much he likes balloons.