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After years of swearing up and down that President Obama isn’t American, Donald Trump finally says that Barack Obama was, in fact, born exactly where he says he was. Trump, of course, fully expects this to be enough of an explanation and says now the issue is done and it’s time to move on to making America great again.

Bernie Sanders says the problem with Trump’s latest admission is that if Trump really believed it, he’s gullible (Bernie is too nice to call him an idiot), or that he never believed it but chose to prey on people’s fears – either way, it’s not acceptable and not only does he owe the President and the American people an apology, but that he simply must not become president.

Gary Johnson thinks he should definitely be invited to the Presidential debates, since he thinks so many people are unhappy with Trump and Clinton – pointing out that he’s the “other choice.” Way to sell yourself, Gary!

And an exhausted President Obama says he can’t believe he’s still talking about this whole birther thing 8 years later, because he’s pretty confident that he knows exactly where he was born.