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Donald Trump and Mike Pence engage in some truly masterful, totally twisted logic, insisting that it’s actually Hillary who is the hateful, divisive candidate in this race! They even go so far as to say they are SHOCKED at Hillary’s supposed “low opinion” of the American public, and that no one has ever heard anything like it. Trump and Pence are apparently counting on voters to have the memory of a goldfish, forgetting every hateful thing that’s come out of Trump’s mouth for the last year with near-daily consistency.

Charlie Rose interviews Bill Clinton and gives him the chance to explain Hillary’s supposed health scandal and any possible improprieties conducted within the Clinton Foundation. Bill laughs at the idea that Hillary would stay down for more than a day, insisting that she is a hard worker with no history of State Department special favors through the Foundation.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says that liberals are a bunch of high dollar golf-clappers who enjoy a good laugh at the expense of the hard-working American regular guy. He goes on to accuse Hillary of being hypocritical… because liberals preach tolerance but are not tolerant of racist, right-wing looney-tunes opinions. Somehow he fails to see the stupidity in saying people should be tolerant of intolerance.