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In some ways, it’s hard to believe that on Tuesday, Donald Trump implied that an assassination of Hillary Clinton would be OK. In other ways, comments like his are completely in keeping with his character – and that of many others on the right – and has terrifying implications if somebody tries to act on what he said.

The reaction to Trump’s comments also show how far off the end of the scale of acceptability many Republicans have gone in their desperation to win elections, while still having zero ability or desire to actually govern.

Not surprisingly, those Republicans craven enough to sacrifice all their principles in an attempt for power, defended Trump’s comments as “a joke.” Others like that profile in courage Speaker Paul Ryan half-heartedly denounced Trump’s assassination threat, or claimed they hadn’t really heard Trump say those words.

For what it’s worth, an increasing number of Republicans and Independents – even before Trump’s insane comment yesterday – are denouncing Trump and anyone who stands with him. Most of those people are not only coming out against Trump, but coming out in favor of Hillary Clinton.

For her part, Secretary Clinton denounced Trump’s words – and then got back to doing what we’d expect a President to do: Lead on policy. Clinton called out the Republican-led Congress for going on vacation before passing a bill to fight Zika during a campaign stop in Florida.

Americans, even in red states, seem to be shifting even more towards Clinton too, based on her presidential demeanor, as both national and state level polls are beginning to forecast a landslide win for Democrats.