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Just two days after the attacks in Brussels, and all the candidates for President are looking fairly presidential – except the two leading Republicans, Trump and Cruz. Last night, they had another childish fight on Twitter. If you thought Donald Trump might be chastened after Heidi Cruz smacked him back yesterday, you’d be wrong. Oh sure, Trump says he’s smarter than everybody based on “certain results that I get in doing things.” Last time I checked, “doin’ things” doesn’t really rank highly as an IQ score.

Meanwhile, both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were giving lessons in how to handle counterterrorism yesterday. Obama was reminding Argentinians that the best way to defeat terrorism was reflected in how America acted after the Boston bombings. He also explained that dealing with Congress is like herding cats – though we think some cats are smarter than others in Congress.

Speaking of Congress, Speaker Paul Ryan gave a pretty amazing speech to the House interns yesterday, even admitting he was wrong about his “makers & takers” rhetoric from a few years ago.

Maybe Mr. Ryan could do more than just give a good speech though, by pushing Congress to renew the Voting Rights Act, since voting in Arizona this week was a particular example of how not having the VRA could take away some of American’s most basic rights.

Which, by the way, is what North Carolina just did to LGBT Americans last night, when their Republican governor signed a bill to allow serious discrimination against any member of the LGBT community.

We might suggest Superman come save the day, but his new movie is crap, so he’s got problems of his own.