1 thought on “Videocast 04-21-2014”

  1. well, i have been unable to watch any of the video podcasts that i purchased. they don’t run. i was sick for a few months and could not use the computer. but i see the “headers” all downloaded so that the link was there. but no video. and although there is a RSS feed, nothing works from there as well.  i am really sad about this. how do i get this all to work? i have  no problems with my computer any where else or for anything else. plus i am a kind of a computer geek, but not sure why these links and videos are not working. so from day one, i have not received anything but the log in, the links, but nothing else. plus, really unhappy that if i want to download my purchased podcast, it says it will take up to 12 hours to download. insane.  thanks christine  aka renazantz

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