Bankrupt Money Wallet
Bankrupt Money Wallet

Former President Donald Trump predicted the country will face an economic crisis and he hopes it happens within the next year.

On Monday night, President Joe Biden’s campaign posted a 10-second video on X/Twitter of the former president giving an interview on Lindell TV – a platform owned by Trump supporter and pillow magnate Mike Lindell. A teaser for the interview dropped earlier in the day showed Trump being interviewed by former Fox host Lou Dobbs.

At one point, Trump told Dobbs:

When there’s a crash, I hope it’s gonna be during this next [sic] 12 months because I don’t wanna be Hebert Hoover – the one president, I just don’t wanna be Herbert Hoover.

Hoover was inaugurated as president in March 1929. Six months later, the stock market crashed and triggered the Great Depression, which doomed his presidency.

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