Republicans are returning to dickish form with the speed of a rabid chipmunk that got into the meth stash. It was to be expected. They should feel chastened, humbled even, by the events of the last few weeks. They should be offering a hand to Democrats, you know, the party that’s not responsible for attempting to overturn the election, the party that isn’t filled with assholes who took a shit in the Capitol, the party that didn’t enable a twice-impeached president commit every depravity he could conceive of. They should have gone to the leaders in each house of Congress (who are both Democrats) and President Joe Biden (also a Democrat) and admitted that they fucked up before begging for forgiveness and saying that they are willing to get behind some shit. 

But they didn’t because they’re Republicans, and Republicans are always and forever motherfuckers. And fucking mothers is just what motherfuckers do. It’s right there in the word.

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