According to Republican Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, her run-off opponent for her seat, the affable and slightly left-of-center Democrat Raphael Warnock, “is the most radical candidate for Senate our country has ever seen.” He is “dangerous” and embraces “anti-American values,” according to a website that Loeffler has put out called, no, really, It’s filled with some of the most hilariously over the top bullshit that takes moderate political positions and frames them as so evil that you’d think that Warnock, who is the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta (yes, that Ebenezer Baptist Church, the one where Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pastor), is Satan, Godzilla, and Osama Bin Laden combined into a Megazord of socialist doom. 

Really, this shit is that insanely hyperbolic.

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