Last week, I said on Twitter that I wanted Sen. Kamala Harris to be Joe Biden’s pick for a running mate because I wanted her out there for the next couple of months prosecuting Donald Trump’s administration in the public space. Several responses were along the lines of “No, fuck you, she should be attorney general, dick, so that my favorite Democrat can be VP!” 

There are a few reasons I thought Harris-as-AG was a dumb idea. First, no Attorney General has ever gone on to become president. (Robert Kennedy may have, but, well, we’ll never know.) And Harris obviously is eyeing the presidency down the road. More importantly, though, is that, as Biden’s vice presidential nominee, she will have an incredibly high profile, and in a media environment that too often ignores Democrats and especially Democratic women, she can go out every day and make Donald Trump and Mike Pence cry and it will have to be covered. That will shake some shit up.

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