This fuckin’ year, man. Even as shit’s not really that bad, shit just feels like it’s spiraling down into the toilet of our abyssal politics. You can’t turn around without some jagoff screeching about “wokeism” or “groomers” or whatever nonsense word or phrase they’ve come up with to mean “People who make me mad for completely irrational reasons that I probably got from some stupid video.” And every single time we allow ourselves to be even slightly giddy heading down Hope Street, we know that around every corner is Despair, and that motherfucker’s carrying a machete. 
We approach 2023 with the prospect that Donald Trump will finally be rooted out from the Republican Party, yet we know that the disease that he unleashed on our nation will not be cured and, in fact, its symptoms will be fostered by the craven DeSantises and Greenes and Noems. We are thrilled that Democrats held the Senate, even expanding their majority, but we know that, come January, the Republican-led House is gonna be a batshit hootenanny of conspiracy theories and vengeance. And Covid is still here and still murdering people, as I know personally. Machete after machete. Dodge one and there’s another about to come at your face.