This fucked-up year is going to seem like an amuse-bouche of insanity by the time 2020’s shit fight in a monkey house is over. As both impeachment and election pressure amps up for President Dumbfuck McRageface, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see even more violence against racial and ethnic groups, against trans people and migrants, against liberals in general. Because that’s what these motherfuckers want. They want a purge, man.

But, hey, that journey into the inevitable dark void at the center of Trumpism is still a few days away. So, as we always do in this little corner of the ever-shrinking patch of Left Blogsylvania, let’s close out the year with the simplest of commentary. It’s haiku time once again, a tradition in this joint that goes back to 2004. Oh, shit, this is the 15th anniversary of it. 

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