(Note: Before I get all slobbery on Andrew Cuomo’s knob, lemme preface this by saying I agree with all the things you dislike about him. I’ve got lots of grievances, too, since I fuckin’ work for the state of New York. This ain’t about any of that. Are we good? Yeah, shut up. I don’t really care. Here we go.)

You gotta give New York Governor Andrew Cuomo credit. For weeks now, he has pretty much held his fire when it came to the vast amounts of fuckery being done during this COVID-19 pandemic by Donald Trump and the federal government he has deformed to fit his grotesque image. For the most part, he has thanked the president for various kinds of assistance, and he has avoided going after Trump by name or even office. Indeed, the few times that he has criticized the federal government’s response to the crisis, they have been mild reproaches about Trump palming things off on the states that DC should be taking care of. Still, even those exceedingly light comments would draw the typically snide tweets or comments from Trump.  But Cuomo insisted he was staying above the fray.

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