From Her Los Feliz Basement, Stephanie Miller Is Rallying Millions Against Trump

Huffingpost On Sexy Liberal Tour Variety talks Sexy Liberal Tour AFTER ELLEN.COM:
Stephanie Miller on moving to TV, coming out and her craziest callersPosted by Ali Davis

In many ways, Stephanie Miller is the anti–Rush Limbaugh: Her show is smart, funny, and unashamedly liberal. On March 26, Current TV started televising her massively popular radio show, and she’s already zooming to new heights.

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Stephanie Miller Named Talkers Magazine Woman of The Year


Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour dropped in for a pre-show visit with affiliate WCHL

Dial Global’s Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour paid a visit to station manager Christy Dixon and the crew at WCHL just prior to the show at the Durham Performing Arts Center this past weekend.

Pictured Above (left to right): Roland Scahill (promoter), Hal Sparks, Ron Stutts (WCHL morning host), Christy Dixon (WCHL station manager), Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang


Carol Channing Named a ‘Hero of Hollywood’

The actress is among several Hollywood community leaders recognized at a luncheon fundraiser for the Hollywood…

By Paul Zollo

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Stephanie Miller will bring the “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” to the Durham Performing Arts Center on June 4.

By Cliff Bellamy

DURHAM — If you tuned in to WCHL on a recent morning, you heard Stephanie Miller and her cohosts skewering GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich for running up a grand credit account at Tiffany’s. In another segment, they jokingly pondered the practical uses for a medical care voucher: Among the proposed uses were as a bandage or an insulin syringe. On another show, the guests traded imitations of political consultant and author Dick Morris.

The pace of the jokes and anecdotes on “The Stephanie Miller Show” is sometimes frantic, even manic, but the pace does slow down at times to a more sobering level. On this broadcast, Miller also interviewed Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington about a single-payer health care bill he introduced in the U.S. House, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ companion measure in the Senate.

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Stephanie Interviewed in Lesbian News Magazine

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Lost the Remote? Another Reason to Use an App


Published: October 31, 2010

The standard TV remote control, lost so many times beneath sofa cushions, may soon be lost to history.

Good riddance, says Chris Lavoie, a radio producer living in Los Angeles. Taking advantage of advances in smartphones, Mr. Lavoie uses an app on his iPhone to control his Apple TV set-top box and search for things to watch.

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Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

Years in politics generates plenty of memories

Widow of vice presidential candidate looks back

By Allison Osman

Stephanie Miller browses through her albums of photos, articles, letters and more from her life as the wife of a congressman and vice presidential candidate. Allison Osman – Special to South Charlotte News

Stephanie Miller, 87, is the widow of Bill Miller, running mate to Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential election. She has lived in Charlotte since 1997, when she, her son and his two children moved here from Buffalo, N.Y.

During both the presidential campaign and her husband’s 14 years in Congress, Miller was an active participant and leader in the political arena

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Dial Global would like to congratulate top talker Stephanie Miller on being named one of 2010’s Most Influential Women in Radio!

Every weekday morning, Stephanie Miller raises the bar for entertaining, morning Talk radio. Stephanie’s uniquely funny social commentary sets her apart from the crowd, with a fresh voice that has been cultivated over years of experience as a media personality and comedienne. Her humor and snappy political wit have made her a raging success, with listeners, stations and advertisers alike!

For more information on Stephanie Miller, contact your Dial Global sales representative today. Stephanie Miller…Fresh. Fearless. Funny.


“The Next Glenn Beck”

by Samuel P. Jacobs

Stephanie Miller

Los Angeles

“Her star is continuing to rise,” says Harrison of Talkers. Miller is syndicated by Dial Global like Hartmann, her fellow liberal. Her rise went unaided by Air America; she sought distribution outside the network. She keeps an eye on the enemy with a popular on-air bit called “Rightwing World,” lampooning conservatives. Miller also shares with Ron Reagan the special appeal of a leftie who grew up in a conservative household; her father, former New York Representative William Miller, was RNC chairman and Barry Goldwater’s running mate in 1964

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S’Long Air America, We Hardly Heard Ye.

By Steve Young

Those of you who didn’t know the liberal talk-radio network Air America was actually broadcasting for the past six years shouldn’t start looking for it now. Last month, it filed for bankruptcy (again) and closed its mouths for good.

While liberal talk continues, listeners in many parts of the country can’t hear left-of-center voices without a good helping of Internet. Air America ’s talkers had no foothold in the Delaware Valley other than a short, scattered stint on WHAT-AM (1340). Sure, there are some talented progressive talkers, but I challenge you to name one.

There have been assorted explanations for Air America ’s failure. It “was undercapitalized and overmanaged,” said Jon Sinton, the network’s first president and COO. “New money came with strings. There was no stability in programming, and weak distribution made it tough to compete.”

Some attribute it to attitude. “Most of liberal talk has been angry and agenda-driven, not entertainment-driven,” said Andy Bloom, program director at WPHT-AM (1210), the broadcast home of conservative talk superstars. “Despite what most liberals think, the truth about Rush Limbaugh and the conservative talkers with large audiences is that they are entertainers first and conservatives second.”

All that may be, but the crux of liberal talk’s inability to match up to right-wing talk isn’t the business plan or the lack of a Limbaugh. It’s a failure to understand its audience.

Sure, there are those on the left who will buy 24 hours a day of “we’re right, they’re wrong.” They may appreciate the intellect and snark of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow or the near-Shakespearean pique of a Keith Olbermann. But they don’t come anywhere near the number that tune in for Glenn Beck’s weepy demagoguery or Bill O’Reilly’s deceitful scolding.

Before Limbaugh, talk radio was about wanting to know what you think. Today, it’s telling you what you should think. The liberal audience doesn’t work that way; reaching a consensus on the left is like herding cats.

Wouldn’t it make sense to go to your strength, not try to mimic your opponent’s? The left needs to pay attention to the success of Comedy Central’s one-two punch of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They don’t necessarily reach the numbers of Limbaugh, Beck, or Sean Hannity, but they have cornered the market on political satire, and there’s no denying their influence.

About the only progressive radio voice who seems to understand that is Dial Global’s Stephanie Miller. A radio veteran and former standup comedian, Miller understands political satire and uses it splendidly. Her comic point of view has made her a darling of the cable news circuit. It’s also gotten good ratings in major cities such as Los Angeles , Chicago , and Atlanta .

Of course, the left also has to use the Internet and other new media. But if it wants to compete in radio, it’s more likely to succeed by satirizing rather than Hannitizing.

Steve Young is a former liberal talk-radio host and the author of “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful.” He can be reached at


Hannity and Miller? Why Not? by Steve Yo

Hannity and Miller? Why Not? by Steve Young

Hannity and Miller? Why Not?
by Steve Young

The biggest question on the Fox News poll front isn’t “How many ways do you think the economic disaster is Obama’s fault?” That’s second. Now that Alan Colmes has vacated his seat on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes, the leading poll is “Who should replace Alan Colmes on Hannity & Colmes?”

The first thought that comes to mind is someone with the last name of Colmes. Saves a bunch money on changing all that expensive letterhead and Fox graphics. Alan’s wife, Jocelyn, comes to mind, but I suspect she far too busy with helping Alan haul home all the death threats from liberals that he stores at the Fox News warehouse.

The money has been on a number of other Fox libs, including Bob Beckel and Kirstie Powers. Confidentially, while my first impartial choice would be this column’s writer, my second choice would be the one I actually believe to be perfect…Jones Radio syndicated talker, Stephanie Miller.

Why? Let me count the ways.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Get it?

No really. Stephanie would be perfect…for the viewers, for Sean, and most of all, for Fox News’ celebrated balance.

While it would be close, Steph tends to be a bit easier on the eyes than Alan and almost as attractive as Sean.

Colmes came out of the standup comedy world where he was once very funny. So did Steph, except she is still funny.

Stephanie and Sean go way back.

I was witness to – and reported – his celebrated hug of the liberal temptress at a beachfront Southern California hotel. While there were hundreds other radio personalities in the lobby at the time, to my knowledge, Sean never once hugged Glen Beck or Phil Hendrie. Mark Levin, maybe. But the point is, he’s obviously pretty selective who he puts his hunky far-right arms around and despite political differences, Sean’s obviously pretty comfortable with Ms Miller. He’s been on Steph’s show and Steph has guested on Hannity & Colmes. She has an outstanding grasp of the intricacies and innuendo concerning the political world so… Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face. Still, she’s quick and isn’t afraid to stand up to adversarial guests. In fact, they’d be more likely to wilt under her wit, charm and fluttering lashes than to fight back.

Hannity & Miller would double their audience (the Left needs something to watch besides Olbermann, Maddow and 30 Rock). If Fox News wanted to really break some new ground under the onslaught of a painful (to Fox) four to eight years under Obama, why not put together the two most gorgeous faces in talk radio?

Steph could start tomorrow. She travels lightly. A box of wine and hilarious sidekick Jim Ward stuffed in her pocket.

If for nothing else it would be a nightly treat to hear Bill O’Reilly have to spit out the words, “Stay tuned for Sean Hannity and Stephanie Miller.”

Award-winning TV writer, Steve Young, is author of “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful” ( and blogs at the appropriately named

Steph in The New York Times 6/29/08

“Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own”

“It’s one of those things that just takes off, because everybody got it right away,” said Stephanie Miller, a left-leaning comedian who blurted out the idea one day during a broadcast of her syndicated radio talk show and repeated it on CNN.

Ms. Miller and her fellow new Husseins are embracing the traditionally Muslim name even as the Obama campaign shies away from Muslim associations. Campaign workers ushered two women in head scarves out of a camera’s range at a rally this month in Detroit. (The campaign has apologized.) Aides canceled a December appearance on behalf of Mr. Obama by Representative Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and the first Muslim congressman.

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Stephanie in The Columbus Dispatch

Liberal Host to be Guest at Station’s Fundraiser

Liberal host to be guest at station’s fundraiser
Saturday, March 1, 2008 3:08 AM
By Tim Feran

Stephanie Miller is returning to her first love: Columbus.

The liberal talk-show host, whose program airs from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays on WVKO (1580 AM), will be the guest of honor at the fledgling station’s “Democratic Party” fundraiser this evening. Proceeds will go to the station.

For Miller, who lives in Los Angeles, the visit represents a sentimental journey: When the former comedian launched her talk show in 2004, a Columbus station became the first to carry it.

“Columbus is my first love, my first station,” she said this week. “Literally, it was like, ‘Good morning Columbus’ when I signed on. We were having community organizations call with calendar stuff. I don’t think Columbus got that it was a national show at first.

“Columbus was the first station visit I did, too. It has a special place in my heart. Columbus was what enabled me to go on.”




Goldwater/Miller ’08 Spoof Presidential

The year of mock celebrity media presidential candidates is gaining new energy as major national media and internet’s blogs latch onto the Goldwater/Miller ’08 campaign.
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ — The year of mock celebrity media presidential candidates is gaining new energy as major national media and internet’s blogs latch onto the Goldwater/Miller ’08 campaign. Now that the Comedy Central candidate has ended his campaign, the field is wide open for the grand-daughter and daughter of the 1964 GOP ticket to take center stage. Media personality CC Goldwater is running for President, and national radio talk host Stephanie Miller, Vice President. Goldwater and Miller recently launched a reprise of the 1964 Election: Goldwater/Miller ’08 and are garnering solid support for their “fun run to the White House.”

Mentions of the campaign have begun showing up in publications like the Boston Globe, other New York Times company publications and in dozens of internet blogs, including the Huffington Post, the campaign said. Stephanie Miller is heard nationally via Jones Radio Networks(R) and CC Goldwater’s award-winning work has appeared on HBO with the documentary: “Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater.” (

Last week, hundreds of listeners to the local Phoenix radio station that airs THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW attended a Goldwater/Miller ’08 campaign rally. Listeners met Stephanie and CC and auditioned to be “Goldwater Boys.” Supporters of CC’s grandfather Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential candidate, were dubbed “Goldwater Girls.” In coming weeks, Goldwater/Miller ’08 will appear in other cities across the nation, a spokesman said. Vice Presidential “candidate” Stephanie Miller said, “The very first Goldwater/Miller ’08 rally was a huge success politically and very exciting for us personally, because we discovered that politics apparently involves a lot of people touching you inappropriately…just another bonus for a
couple of ex-republican girls gone wild!”

Presidential “candidate” CC Goldwater said, “We received great questions and warm anecdotes about our families at the rally and our ‘Goldwater Boys’ worshipped the ground we walked on.” CAMPAIGN WEB SITE: STEPHANIE MILLER WEB SITE:

Goldwater/Miller ’08



The Boston Globe – 11/4/07

I’m With Barry – Sasha Issenberg

I’m with Barry – Why Goldwater has emerged as an important figure in the presidential campaign — and why Hillary Clinton is among his fans

…By the time Thompson, Clinton, and McCain had entered national politics, Goldwater had become widely credited with helping to build a movement he no longer felt had room for him. After Reagan’s victory in 1980, Goldwater wrote of “the nuts that the last two elections have brought in who travel under the guise of conservatism.”

Those “nuts,” in Goldwater’s view, were religious figures like preacher Jerry Falwell who he felt contaminated the Republican party with their moral politics. With time, Goldwater became increasingly vocal in his advocacy for abortion and gay rights, critical of Reagan’s record on fiscal issues, and a fan of the Clinton presidency. (“He’s a Democrat, but I do admire him, I think he’s doing a good job,” Goldwater wrote to House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1995.)

“The party has changed and is no longer what Goldwater and Bill Miller would recognize,” said C.C. Goldwater, the senator’s granddaughter and producer of “Mr. Conservative,” a 2006 HBO documentary about him.

Last week, she held a rally in Phoenix to kick off a write-in campaign for president on a ticket with Miller’s daughter Stephanie, a radio host, in part to draw attention to “The Conscience of a Conservative,” reissued this year after a generation in which it was largely out of print.

“They’re using Goldwater as a kind of spiritual encouragement,” C.C. Goldwater said of the other candidates. “His name gets used by a lot of people who don’t deserve to use it.”

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Huffington Post – Steve Young

If Colbert Is (Not) Serious, It’s Time For Him To

If Colbert Is (Not) Serious, It’s Time For Him To Debate Goldwater-Miller – Steve Young

It’s time for Stephen Colbert to take off the gloves…or put them on, depending what century you’re basing your boxing analogy on.

His backers say he’s running a legitimate satirical campaign. Come on. Who’s the guy beating? Biden? Kucinch? Paul? Okay, they might be presidentially qualified, but they’re about as funny as a sold-out Dane Cook concert.

While the evil hate-America, muckrakers over at Media Matters and the Huffington Post have called for Mr. Colbert to step aside, I say it’s high time he step up to the plate and dive in – mixed metaphor and all – with the alligators. And not just on television. This is big time. You have to go all the way. I’m talking AM radio.

If you want to show that you’re really the spoofiest, Batman, you’ve got to up against the most farcical. And in this campaign, Colbert is ducking his real competitors: Goldwater/Miller. Yes, that Goldwater/Miller. Oh. No. Not the 1964 presidential campaign team of Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater and his running mate, New York Congressman William Miller. I’m speaking of documentarian CC Goldwater, granddaughter of Barry, and talk show host, Stephanie Miller, daughter of William.

There’s no sense going over the long resume of experience that makes these two political sirens the perfect candidates for the top offices in the country, for there is none. But experience has never stopped one from nearly getting elected. Look at George Bush’s 2000 campaign. Being a successful candidate is not about who you are as much as who you make the voter think you are. Look at George Bush’s 2000 campaign.

The point is, both the Colbert and GM candidacies have two major things in common that make them the most attractive politically. No matter what they say, no one gets killed. And after all, isn’t that what you want in a president. You’d have to go way back to President Clinton (the first one) to find a president who knew how to form a sentence that didn’t end up placing our troops in harm’s way.

We need to see Colbert up against Goldwater and Miller, no matter how much vaseline they put on the lens before their campaign photo session. We’re talking mano a femaleno. Putting your money where their mouth is. Even it is a $100 an hour, the voter deserves it.

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The Arizona Republic – 10/27/07

Goldwater-Miller Back On The Campaign Trail

Goldwater-Miller back on the campaign trail
Richard Ruelas
The Arizona Republic
Oct. 27, 2007 12:00 AM

The 1964 presidential campaign of Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater and his running mate, New York Congressman William Miller, was rooted in a deep desire to promote conservative principles. Likewise, the 2008 Goldwater/Miller presidential campaign is rooted in principle: All publicity is good publicity.

CC Goldwater, granddaughter of Barry Goldwater, and Stephanie Miller, daughter of William Miller, unofficially announced their intentions in early October on Miller’s nationally syndicated radio show. They will make it official with a rally today in Phoenix.

“We were pondering stuff over the summer,” the candidate Goldwater said, “and said, ‘What’s the cheapest publicity stunt we can do to get people to buy my DVD and tune into Stephanie Miller’s morning show?’ ”

A campaign was born.

Miller, whose show is heard locally on KPHX-AM (1480), the state’s “progressive” talk station, agreed the campaign is a “cheap publicity stunt.”

“But that makes us like everyone else,” she said.

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Miami Sun Post 8/23/07

Coral Gables

Meeting Mama

Stephanie Miller Offers Therapy For Those Suffering From Post-Bush Syndrome

Stephane Miller made an appearance at Books and Books in Coral Gables.
By Charlotte Libov
The Miami SunPost

To her listeners, she’s known as “Mama,” so when it was announced that Stephanie Miller would appear at a “Meet and Greet Mama” cocktail party at Books & Books in Coral Gables last Saturday night, hundreds of fans showed up to turn it into a love fest.

“I don’t know how I would have kept going after Bush was elected without you,” said Ana Langyel of Miami Beach. “I come home after the gym and I’d be so depressed but I’d listen to you and you’d make me laugh,” she said. One after the other, the fans echoed her sentiments.

The nationally syndicated, progressive talk show host was in town to pick up the “Democrat of the Year” award given by the Young Democrats of Broward County at a sold-out luncheon the next day, but she ventured into Miami-Dade County to appear at the Books & Books event sponsored by 940-AM radio, which airs Miller’s show Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-noon. She showed off her comedy chops, holding court with a microphone in the umbrella-shaded courtyard until humidity forced the event inside the bookstore. (“Regarding Bob Allen, he was probably just in the park to plan an event. To some of us, oral sex is an event,” said Miller, referring to the Florida state representative accused of offering to perform a sex act on an undercover cop.) Inside the bookstore, her fans lined up politely, touting presents including a “Miami Loves Mama” T-shirt, boxed wine (which Miller professes to be fond of) and lots of photos of dogs to be cooed over by the pup-loving radio personality. “I’m a hugger,” exclaimed Miller, rebuffing handshakes in favor of giving everyone who ventured up an enthusiastic hug. She feigned not wanting to let go to one particularly buff-looking young man, telling the woman by his side, “You can be replaced.”

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Stephanie quoted in USA TODAY

June 22, 2007 – Stephanie was quoted in USA Today about Michael Moore’s new film “Sicko”. Read the article at USA TODAY


Buzzflash Interviews Stephanie

Stephanie Miller, The Stand Up Comic of Progressive Talk Radio
Submitted by BuzzFlash on Mon, 06/04/2007 – 5:00pm. Interviews


Generally human nature is that you don’t want to be angry all the time, or depressed. In a way, that’s on our side. That’s the only power we have — the power to mock them, which means you’re taking the power back. You’re not letting them make you afraid and depressed. A lot of people say it’s the only way you can deal with what’s happened to this country over the last however-many-years that Bush has been in, because it is depressing, and it is horrible.

— Stephanie Miller, Jones Radio Network, 9 am – 12 pm ET

* * *

As BuzzFlash readers know, we have been doing a series of interviews with progressive talk show hosts. The first two were with Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes.

This week, we are adding Stephanie Miller to the list. Stephanie is based in Los Angeles — and her background in stand-up comedy heavily influences her show. As we were preparing this introduction, we came across this delightful You-Tube recording of when Randi Rhodes called into Stephanie’s show. One thing you quickly note is that progressive talk show hosts have something right wing radio personalities rarely exhibit: a sense of humor.

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Orange County Register – 5-6-07

Miller and Elder on TV’s dawn patrol

Link To Entire Article

Sunday, May 6, 2007
Miller and Elder on TV’s dawn patrol
Radio column
Special to the Orange County Register

Talking point: I spent the night with Stephanie Miller. The moon is nearly full, it’s a little past 3 in the morning, and I curl up on the couch … to watch TV. Yes, there she is, frenetic and funny, talking so fast on MSNBC she later said “the closed- captioning person couldn’t keep up with my rapid-fire delivery and put up the words ‘inaudible.’ ”

Miller, Jim Ward and Chris Lavoie were terrific and charged with energy as they rolled through their radio-on-TV show for three days in Secaucus, N.J. They were in the old Don Imus time slot, and by the end of day one, Miller – now back in L.A. – told her KTLK/1150 AM audience Thursday, there were “a few ‘Springtime for Hitler’ faces and they sort of left us alone. People wondered why Jim was reading papers. It was radio, you moron.” The KTLK show airs 6-9 a.m. weekdays and is streamed on

Miller, 45, is likely to be the first of several liberal talkers to get wider exposure on the more mainstream-oriented MSNBC. Her comedy roots worked really well on TV. She wasn’t above poking fun at herself, either. Day one, she sweated profusely under the armpits and the screen capture of what she called “the sweaty chick” became a running gag the next two days.

Miller calls herself “mama” and said she couldn’t wait to get back to Max, her 1-year-old Great Pyrenees puppy. “We were very flattered to be on,” she e-mailed. “We prepped all day and night for the show. We’re so happy to be home. It’s enormously difficult to do our show on the road. The staff at Clear Channel was tremendous, but I wouldn’t do it again,” she wrote.


The Capital Times Madison

Big crowd rallies for The Mic Vows fight to keep

The crowd at the High Noon Saloon hit its 399-person capacity at 7:20 p.m.

The draw was not the usual touring band or local act, but a rally where listeners and advertisers of The Mic 92.1 vowed to continue fighting Clear Channel’s recent decision to replace its progressive talk station with Fox Sports Radio.

“From up here, this doesn’t look like a dead format,” said Aldous Tyler of the Madison Pagan Unity Council as he addressed the crowd.

Tyler said the nation’s eyes were on Madison as it took on a media conglomerate over an unpopular programming change.

“This has ripples,” he said. “We win, this goes everywhere.”

Tom Hamer, who does door security at the bar, said 490 people in all turned out over the course of Tuesday night to listen to Air America co-founder Terry Kelly, former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, local business owners and media reformers denounce Clear Channel’s move.

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Rochester City News

DECEMBER 27, 2006 Left laughing: Stephanie Miller

As the daughter of upstate GOP Congressman William E. Miller, Stephanie Miller’s Republican cred couldn’t be much better. In 1964, when she was 3 years old, her father ran for vice president on the Republican ticket alongside conservative hero Barry Goldwater.

But Stephanie Miller’s ambitions were not political. She wanted to be a comedian like her idol, Carol Burnett. And after majoring in theater at the University of Southern California, she landed her first professional radio gig. In the mid-1980s, Rochesterians got to know her as Sister Sleaze, sidekick to Brother Wease.

Politics gradually crept back into her life, but it wasn’t conservative politics. Two decades and several incarnations later, Miller is the hottest voice in liberal radio.

Her show is on more than 60 stations across the country. She’s as smart as she is funny, skewering one conservative after another, often with their own pitchforks.

The Stephanie Miller Show, which airs locally (weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon) on News Talk 950 WROC AM, is arguably the most creative talk show on the air. Miller and her sidekicks improvise their way through political and social criticism with sound effects, guest appearances by Washington luminaries (channeled by impressionist Jim Ward), and an unrelentingly wicked satirical bite. It’s a fast-moving, irreverent good time. And Miller has definitely not left all elements of Sister Sleaze behind.

The show may be a bit hard to swallow for conservatives, especially the ones who provide Miller with so much of her material. But life couldn’t be much better for a left-leaning comedian these days.

“When you’ve got the head of the evangelicals out with a male hooker buying crystal meth: you can’t write this stuff,” says Miller by telephone from Los Angeles. “A congressman who’s head of the missing-and-exploited-children caucus having instant-message sex with children: you’ve got to be kidding me. When do you remember a vice president shooting someone in the face?”

Miller was too young during the 1964 Goldwater-Miller campaign to remember it. But she knows they lost in a landslide to Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey.

“They can’t blame me for the loss,” she says. “I hadn’t said anything yet.”

She finds it ironic that Republicans of that era might look like liberals compared to Republicans today.

“I think my dad and Goldwater would be appalled at what’s become of their party,” says Miller. “Goldwater was pro-gay-rights and pro-choice. He talked about the undue influence of the religious right. And that was back in the 1980’s.”

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The Daily Page, Madison WI

Advertisers join progressive radio listeners at WX

On the morning of Nov. 29, Barbara Wright cut a commercial to run on 92.1 WXXM (“The Mic”), the Air America affiliate that will switch formats to Fox Sports come the New Year. The purpose of the commercial was to promote a rally that will be held tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 12, at the High Noon Saloon to demonstrate listener and advertiser support for the progressive talk radio format.

Wright is an advertiser, the owner of the Dardanelles restaurant on Monroe Street as well as the president of Madison Originals, an association of local and independently owned restaurants. After the WXXM format change was announced in November, she wanted to use her advertising time to promote the campaign. The first version of the commercial announcing the rally, however, was rejected by Clear Channel, the owner WXXM. Wright says the ad originally read: “Are you upset about the death of Air America and not ready to listen to Fox Sports? Come to the High Noon Saloon on Dec.12. There will be music, fun and speechifying, and we’ve even invited Ed Schultz.”

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