When news broke Thursday that special counsel Jack Smith decided to indict former President Donald Trump over his classified documents scandal, one of the most intriguing questions was: Would Smith indict only Trump or would he charge a conspiracy that includes the people around Trump who assisted, facilitated or were directly complicit in Trump’s alleged crimes? In other words, would Smith try to take down the entire “Mar-a-Lago mafia” next?

As of Friday, the answer to the last question appears to be yes. Not only has the former president been charged with conspiracy to obstruct, but also the Justice Department has indicted his aide Walt Nauta. According to The Washington Post, one of the jobs of Trump’s “personal aide and general gofer … has been to move and carry cardboard boxes in which Trump likes to keep mementos and papers.” Nauta has been a subject of Smith’s interest since reportedly making contradictory statements about whether he moved boxes of classified documents around at Mar-a-Lago. Might Nauta turn out to be one of the capos of the Mar-a-Lago mafia?

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