Rule No. 1: Never give Fox News credit for doing the right thing. Ever. 

Because the praise will be short-lived and soon retracted, since Fox News and its hosts are not capable of honest change, and they’re not capable of doing good. Even during a pandemic. And that includes Tucker Carlson, who recently received praise for his coronavirus commentaries. 

Rupert Murdoch’s toxic outlet has done more to unravel public discourse in the United States than any other entity, as it broadcasts a constant stream of divisive, paranoid lies and partisan attacks. Yet despite that history of demagoguery, there continues to be this weird tendency within the Beltway press to try to find silver linings amidst Fox News’ misinformation rubble —  a need to suggest there really is some good to be found at Fox News and that lots of honorable, serious people work there, but they get overshadowed by outlandish opinion hosts at night. 

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