Nobody in journalism rode the Trump wave quite like New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, who was toasted by the media for her dogged sleuthing. 

“She’s the queen of political journalism,” Vanity Fair proclaimed. She “may be the greatest political reporter working today,” Elle announced in a 5,000-word profile. And the Times itself worked hard branding Haberman, hyping her Trump coverage as “one of the most astonishing runs in the history of American journalism.” 

But the constant scoops that marked her Trump era work have dried up with his exit from the White House, a development that would confirm just how important access played to Haberman’s success during the GOP years. If she were the greatest reporter of her generation — if she was “regarded as the best-sourced reporter in Washington” —  wouldn’t she be posting a conveyor belt of exclusives during the Biden era? Or did every one of Haberman’s sources leave town with Trump? 

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