Desperate to stave off its 2021 ratings slide, as disaffected Fox News viewers turn elsewhere for their right-wing misinformation following Trump’s election defeat, Rupert Murdoch’s channel made a key programming switch last month. Its 7 p.m. anchor, Martha MacCallum, who hosted what Fox identified as one of its serious “news side” programs, was demoted and the key time slot was handed over to a new opinion show, “Primetime.”

For now, a roster of possible hosts are auditioning for the full-time time job, include “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade, Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, and South Carolina Republican former congressman Trey Gowdy. None of them could ever be mistaken for a journalist, as “Primetime” busies itself pumping out a treadmill of lies and misinformation.

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