Ted Cruz slinked home from Mexico yesterday, starring in a controversy of his own making. While millions of Texans were without power, heat, and water and facing life-threatening condition as the Lone Star state struggled with a winter storm of epic proportions — for which the state’s Republican leaders seem completely incapable of managing — the Texas Republican jetted off for the radiant skies of Cancun with his family.

It was an extraordinary display of callousness for a seasoned public official, signaling that Cruz prizes his privilege over public service, and that he didn’t think twice about grabbing a few days in the sun while his home state faced a historic, deadly natural disaster.

Cruz only compounded his woes by spinning furiously, claiming he had only intended to fly to Mexico for one night with his family because his young daughters wished to go, and wanting “to be a good dad” he then quickly purchased tickets, arrived at the airport with a full bag of luggage, and took off for his overnight. Cruz’s staff also contacted the Houston Police Department against the backdrop of an unfolding catastrophe across the region, and requested officers “assist the Senator in his arrival and movements through the Houston International Airport.”

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