Let’s be clear: The focus of the  “Listen to Michigan” campaign where activists are urging Michiganders to vote “uncommitted” in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary is neither about defeating President Biden in the primary nor in November. It’s about sending a message to Biden –per the organizers–that “funding and supporting war and occupation against the Palestinian people is untenable and at odds with the values of the Democratic Party.”

In fact, a spokesperson for the Listen to Michigan campaign Abbas Alawieh—who is also a Democratic strategist—addressed that very point to CNN, “If there is a group of people in the entire country or world who most wants Donald Trump to be as far away from the White House as possible, count me among that group.”  Rather as Alawieh explained: “What our movement is saying to [Biden’s] team is that you are losing Michigan by making your policies synonymous with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s.”

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