Oh, Madge. You need a timeout. You don’t work or play well with others. From The Hill:

A classified briefing for House lawmakers on the Chinese spy balloon turned tense on Thursday when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) went after administration officials for waiting days before shooting down the surveillance device. “I had to wait in line the whole time. I was I think the second to last person, and I chewed them out just like the American people would’ve,” Greene told The Hill. “I tore ‘em to pieces.” One lawmaker who attended the briefing said the exchange between Greene and the officials included profanities. “When she got to ask questions,” the lawmaker recalled, “she was yelling out saying ‘bullshit,’ and, you know, ‘I don’t believe you. Just screaming and yelling, irrational in my estimation,” the lawmaker added.

Time to put your head down on your desk for a while. Or not.

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