Sen. Raphael Warnock is a brilliant, eloquent advocate for the issues that he supports on behalf of his constituents. His opponent in the upcoming senatorial election in Georgia is…incredibly none of those things. Last week, for example, the opponent said this: “Warnock, I remember hearing him say, ‘America need to apologize for it whiteness.’ That’s not in a Bible I ever read. Our Founding Fathers already apologized for its whiteness. Because if you read the Constitution, it talks about every man being treated fair.”

First, Warnock never said this, and his opponent never heard him say it. Second, one does not have to have read the Bible to know it doesn’t contain that particular sentiment, and I don’t believe his opponent ever read the Bible, anyway. And, finally, the Constitution says nothing of the sort, and Warnock’s opponent hasn’t read the Constitution either. (The original Constitution, in fact, said quite the opposite, Three-Fifths Of All Other People etc.)

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