Donald Trump is practically daring us to nab him in the act. That’s how obvious and unequivocal his latest conspiracy to cheat in the 2020 election happens to be. We all see it happening, we know what he’s doing and we know exactly why. The crisis is so urgent that it requires us to compile, step-by-step, a complete picture of his plot to sabotage the U.S. Postal Service and, with it, the election. That’s what I’d like to do here today, so let’s get started.

Michael Cohen, in the foreword to his memoir about his time as a fixer for Trump, repeated what he testified under oath to the House Oversight Committee last year: Trump will do anything to win, and possesses “the desire for power at all costs.” Cohen added, “I became even more convinced that Trump will never leave office peacefully.” And the president’s paranoia and rank ignorance when it comes to American government is fully embodied in this sentence: “He thinks everyone is as corrupt and shameless and ruthless as he is.” 

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