As we slowly advance closer and closer to November, it’s important to remind ourselves that Donald Trump was impeached for attempting to cheat in the 2020 presidential election. Indeed, it’s crucial to circle back to events like this during the Trump era, given how the firehose of news relentlessly floods the zone with awfulness every damn day, one Trump trespass against reality — and the rule of law — after another. Otherwise, all kinds of atrocities get lost in the deliberate noise.

Seriously. Trump was impeached. That’s a thing that actually happened. Enough evidence was gathered by investigators, including transcripts and eyewitness testimony, to allege that Trump thought it’d be a clever idea to withhold military aid to Ukraine in order to extort that nation’s newly-elected president into announcing an investigation into Burisma, an energy company that had employed Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, on its board.

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