In a time of instability and uncertainty, there’s one thing we can count on: Donald Trump will do everything he possibly can to retain power through the forthcoming election and beyond. His motives are well-known: If he loses the election, he’ll not only go down in history as a one-term loser, which is anathema to his ridiculously hyperbolic puffery, but it’s likely he’ll face indictment on myriad criminal charges, while fighting off an avalanche of lawsuits aimed at his criminal negligence.

How do we know he’s capable of anything? For starters, he already tried to cheat in this election. He was impeached and put on trial in the Senate for doing it. Before that, he tried to cheat in the 2016 election, too, with the help of Russia and his then-lawyer Michael Cohen, who funneled campaign cash to buy the silence of women Trump awkwardly screwed while married. If he’s willing to risk impeachment and other ramifications in order to suppress the vote, there’s definitely no off-position on his self-destruction switch. 

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