Q: What is the “Stephanie Miller Show LIVE BLOG?

All listeners to THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW can now enjoy the added benefit of LIVE INTERACTION with producer CHRIS LAVOIE as he produces the program. You can read and react to his real time BLOG POSTS while the show is on the air.

In addition, post-program comments and other unique content are on his blog.

It is expressly stated that any and all comments, postings, information or the like published to the public blog space (“Stephanie Miller Show LIVE BLOG) or anywhere else on the web site by users of this forum or anyone else are the sole responsibility of the posters or originating source. Chris Lavoie’s posts represent his personal opinion and may not reflect the opinion, positions or beliefs of SM Radio Productions, LLC, or its associated companies, WYD Media Management, LLC, or radio program syndicator, Jones MediaAmerica or any of the affiliated radio stations or other distribution sources which enable listeners to receive the program.

Participants in this public forum acknowledge that any and all postings they make, intellectual content or submissions of any kind, commentary or anything of the like become the sole property of SM Radio Productions, LLC.

Q: Do we censor postings?


Because a diversity of opinions are encouraged, we never censor comments based on political beliefs. Of course, we want an open exchange of ideas so the only postings that would be removed are those which contain:

• abusive, off-topic, or use foul language

• comments that celebrate the death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise

• contain racist, sexist, homophobic and other slurs

• solicitations or advertising for personal blogs and website

Q: How can I “blank”?

(Thank YOU….Cindy in Boston for her SMS Emoticon Primer)

if you want to some special text stuff



for quotations
example text:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth,
upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.


strike through strike through

Because of the way the site reads symbols for emoticons, ALL symbols ARE
presented here with spaces in between. To make an emoticon you MUST
delete the spaces

Smiley face 🙂
: – )

Big smile 😀
: – D

Frown 🙁
: – (

Mad 😡
: – x

Neutral Face 😐
: – |

Wink 😉
; – )

Tongue Out 😛
: – P

Sunglasses 😎
8 – )

Eek! 😮
: – o

Shock 😯
8 – O

Delete spaces between text and colon to make the followiing emoticons work

: lol :

Cry 😥
: cry :

Devil with Smile 😈
: twisted :

Devil with Frown 👿
: evil :

Eye Roll 🙄
: roll :

Confused 😕
: ??? :

Oops 😳
: oops :

Big Green Smile :mrgreen:
: mrgreen :

Delete spaces between text and colon to make the followiing emoticons work

❗ : ! :

❓ : ? :

💡 : idea :

➡ : arrow :

Q: Do you have another question that was not answered here?

You can email us at: