Chris Lavoie

130531A-7172From Wikipedia:

Chris was born in Pomona, California on January 13, 1969. He was raised in Claremont, California and Hampton, Virginia. At least some of his obese childhood was spent in Claremont, California, where he was a frequent customer of the “Husky” section at the Sears store at Indian Hill Mall in Pomona. He currently resides in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. He is unmarried, a state he claims to be the result of “working 15-hour days” as a radio producer for Stephanie Miller and prior to that his employment at KFYI radio, a conservative talk radio station in the Phoenix, Arizona market.

The Stephanie Miller Show has a progressive viewpoint on political issues. Chris shares many of the liberal viewpoints of the other hosts on the show but has expressed some beliefs that have earned him ridicule and made him the butt of many jokes from both Miller and his other co-host, “Voice Deity” Jim Ward. These beliefs have led Miller and Ward to reasonably suspect that Lavoie is a “right-wing tool.”

He is opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants and seems to be against proposed legislation which “tells people how to live their lives”.

A recent example of this is Chris’s unwavering support for spanking young children as a form of discipline (a recent topic brought up on the show). Chris’s opinion on the matter is in direct opposition to recent proposed legislation in the state of California having to do with the state’s attempt to ban spanking children under the age of 4.

Chris has very clearly stated that he is opposed to child abuse but Stephanie and some of the show’s callers ruthlessly kid him about it anyway, claiming that he is in favor of “beating children”. She also goes so far as to link his supposed “support of child abuse” to an instance where Chris accidentally bent his cat’s tail in a doorway when he was at home.

Stephanie pokes fun at him by stating that his newly-adopted kitten, “Jazz” (short for, “Jazz Paws, Spirit Claws”, a variation on “Jazz Hands, Spirit Fingers”, a nickname Steph and her crew has given to MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson) “will never be the same because of his careless abusiveness”.